Brewing Oolong Tea

How to brew the perfect cup of Oolong tea

Making the perfect cup of Thai Oolong Tea is part art, part science and part meditation. Follow our recommendation below and you'll be happy you did.

  1. Start by boiling 'Pure' water - 6 to 8 ozs (200 to 250ml).
  2. Place one teaspoon of our Thai Oolong Tea into your pot.
  3. Let the water cool for about one minute. Water temperature just below the boiling point is perfect at 160 to 200 degrees F (71 to 93 C).
  4. Pour a little water over the leave to rinse, then remove.
  5. Fill your pot with water and steep 3 to 5 minutes.
  6. Pour, serve & enjoy!

Note: Steeping your leaves more than once is perfectly okay!

There are two styles of Thai iced tea: with or without milk. Tea with milk is called cha yen. Tea without milk is called cha dum yen.

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