Oolong Tea From Mae Salong, Thailand

Oolong tea tastes great and is good for your health. Many Asian cultures have long believed, and recent studies seem to indicate, that drinking oolong tea offers many benefits including reducing and maintaining weight. Claims of weight loss benefits aside, we know it is delicious hot or iced, sweetened or unsweetened.

Our tea comes direct from Thailand in the original packaging. Each bag contains 70 grams of oolong tea (enough to make 140 servings) for only $8.50 US per bag. Our minimum order is 2 bags of Thai oolong tea shipped anywhere in the world.*

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The following is a translation from Thai to English of the text on the packaging.

NOTE: We do not endorse these claims. We are just providing the translation.



Excellent taste, sweet smell, delicious, fresh from Mae Salong, Thailand

Benefits of Product

  • To help make body stronger and freshness
  • To reduce fat
  • To treat chronic bacteria in the stomach
  • To lower cholesterol
  • To prevent cancer
  • To reduce arteriosclerosis
  • To protect and reduce weight gain
  • To slow aging and to make good skin complexion

*Shipping and handling fees apply.

USA ($1.50 per bag)
Canada ($2.00 per bag)
Other ($2.50 per bag)

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